Roof Maintenance

3 Tips to Prepare Your Roof For Fall

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against falling debris, the elements and various weather conditions. Regular maintenance is often neglected until the roof presents a leak or other issue. A well-maintained roof prevents costly repairs, water leaks, structural damage, and ensures you get the most out of your investment. Fall weather in Georgia comes with dead leaves and plant debris that can pile up, clog your gutters and cause roof leaks. Read on to learn about some basic tips t...

Common Causes for Roof Leaks and What You Should Do About Them

A roof leak often indicates a larger roofing issue. If you experience a leak, don't delay. As with most things, the longer you let a problem go the worse it gets. When issues are resolved quickly, the repairs are less expensive than letting an issue proceed to get worse and cause further damage which in turn creates more expense.


Preparing Your Roof for Summer

While we are in the midst of hurricane season and the most intense temperatures of summer are just around the corner here in Georgia, this is the perfect time to make sure your roof is ready to withstand all that summer has in store. Summer storms often come with lots of rain, high winds, and hail. The perfect combination of long days with intense sunshine, high humidity, and heat coupled with these harsh summer storm conditions can wreak havoc on your roof. Fortunately, as a homeowner, there...

4 Tips For Preparing Your Roof For Spring

Winter can be hard on your home, so spring cleaning shouldn't just apply to organizing the infamous junk drawer and clearing out old clothes you don't wear anymore. As the weather gets warmer, and you head outside to work in your yard, don't neglect your roof. Catching potential issues and fixing problems early, could save you money, and a headache, down the road.

1. Clean Roof Surface

Remove any debris that has collected on the roof during the wi...

Who Is All Roof Solutions?

Your local Kennesaw roofing experts at All Roof Solutions serve every community surrounding Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. All Roof Solutions, a full-service residential roofing company based in Cobb County, was founded in 2006 by Roger Morlan.

Our Story

The business was a family trade as Morlan learned the ins and outs of roofing and home improvement through involvement with his father's roofing company. After his father's ...

Understanding The Layers of a Roof and Why They Are Important

At a glance from an untrained eye, roofs look like a pile of shingles covering the top of a house, but that's only part of the equation here. There are layers of a roof that create layers of protection. Done right, you'll never need to know what all these layers are. But if your roof is facing an issue, it's important to know what each layer of your roof does to protect your home.

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